štvrtok 4. februára 2016

UNDER 1000$

Do you think that is impossible create a living room under 1000 dolars?
When you use creativity, you can have comfortable and effective housing.

How to do it?
  1. Think about budget
  2. Find your style
  3. Make a plan 

Create your modest room on Polyvore  and send your created collage on our mail.

Look at this collage:
I used some elements of retro and timeless warm colors and materials.
Honest Living room

CB2 outdoor shades
€115 - cb2.com

Black and white bedding
€31 - smile.amazon.com

CB2 flower pot
€8,88 - cb2.com

Dot Bo lotus candle holder
€21 - dotandbo.com

Ink Ivy red sofa
€355 - designerliving.com

Ink Ivy tempered glass table
€355 - designerliving.com

We think economically.

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